ASTA Phyto Database

This database houses technical data on over 400 pests, focusing on seed and plant pathogens impacting global seed trade. When a pest of concern is identified, ASTA conducts extensive research on its potential of seed as a pathway, geographical distribution, diagnostic methods, and other relevant information.

This resource aids the seed industry in navigating potential phytosanitary challenges in certain countries. ASTA works with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other partners to encourage countries to remove regulations that are not technically justified. ASTA developed this database with funding from the USDA Market Access Program (MAP).

How to search: The site map at the bottom of this page provides an overview of the content of this database, which allows users to search for pests or hosts by their scientific or common names. You can also explore other parameters such as country-specific pest listings, seed pathways, diagnostic methods, and global distribution using the advanced search features. Search results are linked directly to the relevant literature sources.