Potato virus Y (potato mottle )
Potato virus Y
potato mottle
brinjal mosaic virus, datura 437 virus, Marmor upsilon, potato acropetal necrosis virus, potato severe mosaic virus, potato virus 20, potato Y potyvirus, Solanum virus 2, Tabakrippenbraune Virus, tobacco vein banding, mosaic virus, tobacco veinal necrosis virus, tobacco vein-banding virus
2024-02-16 17:13:36
Primarily potato. Reported in tomato and pepper.
PVY is transmitted in a non-persistent manner by more than 50 aphid species. (CABI) PVY is not known to be seed borne in any host, including true potato seed. PVY is best controlled by the production, propagation and distribution of elite virus-free planting stocks, nucleus stocks of which are maintained under stringent conditions to prevent infection.