Ditylenchus dipsaci (stem and bulb nematode )
Ditylenchus dipsaci
stem and bulb nematode
Anguillula devastatrix, Anguillula dipsaci, Anguillula secalis, Anguillulina dipsaci,Anguillulina dipsaci var. communis, Ditylenchus allocotus, Ditylenchus amsinckiae, Ditylenchus dipsaci var. tobaensis, Ditylenchus fragariae,Ditylenchus sonchophila, Ditylenchus trifolii, Tylenchus allii Tylenchus devastator, Tylenchus devastatrix Tylenchus dipsaci, Tylenchus havensteini, Tylenchus hyacinthi, Tylenchus putrefaciens
Worldwide in temperate climates.
2023-05-05 19:09:29
Ditylenchus dipsaci is known to attack over 450 different plant species, including many weeds. There are approximately 20 biological races known that tend to prefer certain hosts.