Potato spindle tuber viroid (spindle tuber of potato )
Potato spindle tuber viroid
spindle tuber of potato
potato gothic virus, potato spindle viroid, spindle tuber viroid, tomato bunchy top viroid
Americas: Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela. Africa: Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda. Asia: wide spread. Europe: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine. Australia.
pest eradicated (EPPO)
2023-12-08 15:36:46
Brazil, China, Mexico, Thailand, The Republic of Korea
Mainly solanaceous crops, capsicum, and ornamentals
Successful eradication of the viroid has been reported for the USA and Canada. PSTVd-7 data shows little evidence of asymptomatic plants and testing of asymptomatic plants did not increase detection of Potato spindle tuber viroid significantly, if at all. Concluded that inspection for Potato spindle tuber viroid symptoms was a "good aid" in determining if a tomato crop was infected with the viroid.