Phoma glomerata (blight grapevine )
Phoma glomerata
blight grapevine
Aposphaeria fibricola, Coniothyrium glomerata, Phoma alternariacearum, Phoma fibricola
China, India, Syria, S Africa, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Italy
Not known to occur.
2022-05-26 18:06:27
Primarily a pathogen of grapevine, pines, peach and a few ornamentals. Reported in association with other diseases (opportunistic or decaying) on alfalfa, soy bean, some small grains, rape seed and tomato.
A strain of Phoma found on wheat in N. Dakota had been reported to be Phoma glomerata (PHOMGL-3), but it differed from type strains of the fungi. ARS GRIN lists 168 species that this fungi has been found on, but considers the fungus opportunistic and associated with other blights and rots. This pathogen has been reported in China.