Pseudomonas cichorii (bacterial blight of endive )
Pseudomonas cichorii
bacterial blight of endive
Bacterium cichorii, Bacterium endiviae, Bacterium formosanum, Chlorobacter cichorii, Phytomonas cichorii, Phytomonas endiviae,Pseudomonas endiviae Kotte, Pseudomonas formosanum, Pseudomonas papaveris, Pseudomonas papaveris
Widespread, localized outbreaks
2022-12-01 19:43:10
Primarily lettuce, endive and other Asteraceae species.
Pseudomonas cichorii has been shown to survive on artificially inoculated lettuce seeds. Many references have reported P. cichorii as seed transmitted, but despite field observation of early infections in hosts, there is no experimental data on transmission by seed.