Cucumber mosaic virus (cucumber mosaic )
Cucumber mosaic virus
cucumber mosaic
banana infectious chlorosis virus, banana mosaic virus, coleus mosaic virus, common mosaic virus, cowpea banding mosaic virus, cowpea ringspot virus, cucumber mosaic cucumovirus, cucumber yellow mosaic virus, cucumis virus 1, lily ringspot virus, pea top necrosis virus, peanut yellow mosaic virus, southern celery mosaic virus, soybean stunt virus, spinach blight virus, tomato fern leaf virus
wide host range. Primarily Cucurbitaceae, Solanaceae, and Araceae families. Capsicum annuum, Cucumis sativus, Dioscorea, and Solanum lycopersicum are also primary hosts.
CMV affects a wide range of crops. Seed can be a pathway in certain hosts. Transmission is normally by aphids. This virus has been reported in Brazil.