Tomato ringspot virus (ringspot of tomato )
Tomato ringspot virus
ringspot of tomato
Tomato ringspot nepovirus, Blackberry (Himalaya) mosaic virus, Euonymus chlorotic ringspot virus, Euonymus ringspot virus, Grape yellow vein virus, Grapevine yellow vein virus, Nicotiana 13 virus, Peach stem pitting virus, Prune brown line virus, Prunus stem pitting virus, Red currant mosaic virus, Tobacco ringspot virus 2, Winter peach mosaic virus
Widespread, primarily along the Pacific coast, NY, PA
2022-11-07 17:26:14
Korea, Mexico, Thailand
Wide host range, primarily ornamentals and fruit trees. Vegetable crops infected are listed below. Not known to infect grains and grasses
Natural spread is confined to areas where there are moderate to high populations of nematode vectors belonging to the genus Xiphinema. Requires the nematode to spread. Seed transmission only shown in strawberry and raspberry in nature.