Beet curly top virus (beet curly top )
Beet curly top virus
beet curly top
Beet curly top geminivirus, beet curly top hybrigeminivirus, potato green dwarf virus, sugarbeet curly top virus, sugarbeet curly-leaf virus, sugarbeet virus 1, tomato yellow virus, tomato yellows virus, western yellow blight virus
Africa: Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt; Asia: India, Iran, Japan, Turkey; Europe: Cyprus, Italy; North America: Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA; South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay.
celery, table beet, sugarbeet, pepper, cucumber, cucurbits, common bean, tomato, cowpeas
BCTV is spread locally by insect vectors and internationally through infected host material or vectors. It is not known to be a seed transmitted virus in any host. It is More common in the western US where vectors are more common.