Anguina agrostis (nematode of bentgrass )
Anguina agrostis
nematode of bentgrass
Anguina funesta, Anguina lolii, Anguina phalaridis, Anguina poophila, Anguillula agrostidis, Anguillula agrostis, Anguillula phalaridis, Anguillula agrostis, Anguillula phalaridis, Tylenchus agrostidis, Tylenchus agrostis, Tylenchus phalaridis, Tylenchus phlei, Vibrio agrostis, Vibrio phalaridis
Northern Europe, Russia, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan
Widespread in WA, reported in OR, VA, MN
2022-06-28 17:50:04
China, Mexico, Korea
Poaceae family species, primarily in bent grass, Agrostis spp.and fescues, Fescuta spp.
This nematode has been reported in China. CABI CPC. Korea lists this pathogen as A. funesta.