Abutilon mosaic virus (abutilon mosaic variegation )
Abutilon mosaic virus
abutilon mosaic variegation
Abutilon infectious variegation virus, Abutilon mosaic bigeminivirus, Abutilon mosaic geminivirus, Bean chlorotic mottle virus, Dwarf mosaic geminivirus, Infectious chlorosis of Malvaceae, Malvaceous chlorosis geminivirus
South America
2023-03-29 20:19:06
Primarily in Abutilon spp. and other Malvaceae spp. common bean, cowpea.
The mosaic disease caused by this virus is considered decorative in Abutilon spp. and is not detrimental to the species. Distribution is probably worldwide in Abutilon spp. Whitefly transmitted geminivirus. Abutilon mocaic virus is not seed transmitted.