Cuscuta spp. (dodder )
Cuscuta spp.
There are many speices of Cuscuta. Of primary concern in alfalfa, lucerne are Cuscuta campestris and Cuscuta epithymum/trifolia, Cuscuta indecorum, Cuscuta planifolia.
Worldwide. Cuscuta campestris has spread primarily from its native locations in the US and Cuscuta epithymum from its native locations in Asia
Widespread, essentially every state has reported dodders. Every state in the US lists Cuscuta as noxious and prohibited from movement. Cuscuta planifolia is not found in the US
parasitic plant
Wide host range
Cuscuta spp. includes Cuscuta campestris, Cuscuta epithymum/trifolia, Cuscuta indecora, Cuscuta planifolia. Species tend to be host specific. Considered a noxious weed seed in many countries and US states (CUCCUTA-1)