Setosphaeria rostrata (leaf spot of grasses )
Setosphaeria rostrata
leaf spot of grasses
Exserohilum rostratum, Helminthosporium rostratum, Bipolaris rostrata, Drechslera rostrata, Exserohilum antillanum, Exserohilum gedarefense, Variant spelling Exserohilum gedarefensis, Helminthosporium halodes, Bipolaris halodes, Exserohilum halodes, Drechslera halodes, Helminthosporium halodes var. elaeicola, Helminthosporium halodes var. tritici, Helminthosporium leptochloae, Helminthosporium longirostratum, Exserohilum longirostratum, Exserohilum macginnisii, Setosphaeria prolata, Exserohilum prolatum, Drechslera prolata
Widespread, especially east of the Continental Divide
Primarily grasses and grains, reported on other over 200 plant species, including several vegetable crops, but these seem to be experimental curiosity or occasional findings that are not confirmed. Only important grains listed below