ASTA Phyto Database

This database currently contains technical/scientific information on over 400 pests (primarily seed and plant pathogens) of phytosanitary concern to ASTA members that have impacted the international movement of seed. Whenever a pest of concern is identified and may disrupt international seed movement, ASTA conducts a thorough literature search to collect technical information on its relationship to the seed: can seed be a pathway for its introduction and establishment into new environments; geographical distribution; epidemiology; availability of seed health testing methodologies and seed treatments; and other relevant information.

This information is useful to the seed industry to make companies and other stakeholders aware of potential phytosanitary certification problems that they could face with certain countries. ASTA also uses this information to work through the USDA and other partners to encourage countries to remove technically unjustified phytosanitary regulatory requirements. To catalog this information for future use, ASTA developed this database. This database was developed by ASTA with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program (MAP).

How to search: This database is designed to be searched primarily by pest species (scientific name or common name) or host species (scientific name or common name). Searching for other parameters, such as country listing a pest, seed pathway or distribution in the US or World is also possible. A powerful feature of this database is that searches are linked directly to the literature sources for that information.